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Kevin & Liz Räihälä: We Love the Purity, Potency & Performance of these products!
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Kev & Liz Raihala Shaklee Distributors
Our Shaklee business means a lot to us. We take the whole idea of creating healthier lives for people seriously. We live in a world that needs more people who care about making a difference in their community, in their family and in their self. Shaklee worked dramatically in each of our lives as you can see in Liz's Story. We then became Independent Global Distributors so we can help people world wide. 

Whether you are in Shaklee to get a deal on products, to share products with others or to build a business, we will do everything we can to educate you for success. (whoever or wherever you are) All you need is to have the ability to step back and see how your lives and the lives of others can be improved with Shaklee.

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