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My Shaklee Story

How my life was changed, dramatically!



The photos above are of my hands and arms as they started to swell up. The burn marks are how I looked after the swelling went down. I was healed from chronic angioedema hives! And my allergies completely went away!

When I was 15 years old I was in horrible pain, my entire face was swollen. When my parents took me to the emergency room my own doctor did not recognize me. My face was deformed and grotesque from the swelling.  It was determined that I was having some sort of allergic reaction and the diagnosis was “hives”.  Also at the same time I had mononucleosis which is an autoimmune disease.  I was given cortisone pills and it took three days for my face swelling to go down. The doctors thought that my problem was just hives so I was referred to an allergist.  I went through weeks of needle testing where they found that I was allergic to molds and house dust.  In addition to the frequent hives I also had acute hay fever, particularly in the spring.  I was put on allergy shots for three years.  The shots alleviated the hay fever problems, but not the hives. This condition will occur at any time of the year but is more intense in the spring.

Almost four decades later I was still suffering with acute hives, swelling and debilitating deformities of body parts. I did not receive any help from the medical establishment because they could not figure out what caused them. I was always prescribed massive doses of drugs. It was not until after hours of research on the internet I was able to put a name to the acute type of hives I had. They were called angioedema hives.  Angioedema hives are a very serious condition because one’s tongue and throat can swell up in an instant and suffocate a person to death. A large percentage of these deaths occur during sleep. Swelling like this happened many times throughout the years. I oftentimes would perform and play music with painfully swollen hands. If it was my face I could not go out from my home. I would wake sometimes only to see my husband listening to my breathing with an epinephrine pen in hand.  The only thing that would even start to bring down the swelling was epinephrine shots, cortisone shots and more recently Prednisone.  I have had swellings on every part of my body. Hands, feet, knees, face, lips, tongue, eyes, throat, arms, etc. If I bumped my hand on something or was exposed to cold my body would react and swell up.  I tried many antihistamines throughout the years with oftentimes terrible adverse side effects with little or no results. 

This year, again I was resigning myself to another horrible spring. We still prayed to God for healing but this time we asked God for wisdom. Then I met a delightful young lady named Theresa at a music event in St. Cloud.  She was talking about Shaklee products which naturally I was very interested in hearing more about. First I went on a liver detoxification then I took the probiotic, alfalfa complex, NutriFeron, Vita-Lea Gold, Vita-C, Vita-D and Omega Guard and Energizing Soy protein.   I have been on them since the end of March about two months.

It is spring time and I am astounded that I have not had any angioedema hives at all. I am absolutely thrilled and so thankful that my immune system is now working and I don’t have to dread whether or not I might wake up with disfiguring pain and swelling. I had been taking various nutritional supplements for years without any results. I have found that only Shaklee supplements really work!

Liz Raihala, Duluth, Minnesota


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